Welcome, First Firearms Training is a veteran owned and operated small business providing formal training in firearm skills with safe, simple, sensible, and relevant instruction to law abiding citizens. 

    Our mission is to accommodate your training needs through coaching and guidance, delivering focused education.

    Courses are conducted by a qualified, patient, courteous, professional instructor in a non-intimidating atmosphere bearing a positive learning experience.

    Classes are scheduled by appointment, yielding students comfort and plenty one-on-one attention.

    Lessons are presented with a thorough approach of principles related to the safe use and ownership of a firearm.

    Students learn the essentials heightening ability as a skilled shooter to establish a solid foundation needed to effectively operate a firearm with confidence.

    Elevated courses teach the attentive development of readiness, the prevailing mindset and a valid safeguard response annexing the capability to employ a firearm for personal protection.

    Firearm courses consist of Classroom Instruction where relative methods are taught, then Live Fire Range Drills where skills and techniques are practiced and validated.

    If you are ambitious in attaining detailed instruction, First Firearms Training will direct realized learning to new or seasoned shooters wanting to excel their firearm skills.  Not just typical target shooting.

     Courses are conducted at Creekwood Shooting Sports  range in Conroe, Texas. 

    For questions or to book an appointment please call 281-622-9362.

    Thank You.