AR-15 Level One Course


 Learn the basics of the AR-15 Rifle

In A  Skill Development Class.


A positive approach to getting acquainted with today's modern sporting rifle. Lessons in this 3 hour session are geared to the new AR-15 shooter, they include but not limited to rifle knowledge; proper handling; aiming; sighting in; mechanical zero; battle sight zero; mechanical offset; ammunition; dis-assembly; assembly; clearing malfunctions; and field maintenance.  An ideal class in learning to shoot and employ your AR15.  Class size limited to four students ages 15 and up. 


Course includes instruction, study guide, range fee, and targets.  

- Lessons Format - 

  • Safety :  An unyielding block of instruction dedicated to firearm safety concepts.
  • Mindset :  Brief study in the attitude-perspective of owning-employing a firearm.
  • Handling :  Lessons in related methods and procedures in operating the AR-15.
  • Marksmanship :  Principles to establish a solid foundation as a skillful shooter. 
  • Dry Fire Session :   Application of skills and knowledge rehearsed prior to live fire.
  • Live Fire Session :  Practical exercise in precision and effective rifle target engagement.


- Required for Course - 

  • Eyes and Ear Protection
  • 100 rounds of Ammunition per Student
  • Rifle in good working order with Iron Sights or Mounted Scope