Posted by Rob and Rachel on
We have taken a few classes before with other instructors, but Maz, by far was the best one! He really knew what he was talking about. He offered tips and ways to improve that we have never heard before; including ways to practice at home. He was easy to get along with and respectful as well as patient. He showed us better ways of doing things that we had done for years and we quickly adapted and changed our way. We went in thinking we had reached a plateau on our shooting ability and we knew we needed an expert to observe us and give us pointers/advice. Maz was so effective that we were shooting center mass, good groupings pretty quickly despite changing up the way we normally did things (i.e. changing dominant eye, shooting with both eyes open, shooting with one hand, non-dominant hand, etc). Not only that, we came away with a renewed confidence and feeling like we'd made a new friend. Maz jumped right in and shot with us proving that he could not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. He knows what he's talking about! We will be back to take his other classes.
Posted by Kristina H. on
Very informative and eased the uncertainty of firing a weapon. Very patient and knowledgeable.
Posted by Gail S. on
Maz does a great job of communicating in a manner that is easy to understand. He has great knowledge and more importantly the ability to relate. Excellent value.
Posted by Betsy W. on
Maz, Thank you for your patient and informative instruction on Sunday. I was amazed at my progress in such a short time.
Posted by Susan N. on
Thank you very much for bringing me along from a beginner level; covering all the facts of gun operation and safety. I feel confident now in moving forward with gun operation and ownership. Enjoyed all the additional stories you brought to your presentation, it helps to make the material sink in.
Posted by Joe T. on
I signed up for a gun safety class for my 13 year old son so that he would be equipped with the proper safety tools and basic knowledge of firearms use. I was very pleased with the results, and learned a lot myself that will help me guide him as a parent. Thank you, Maz
Posted by Cathy H. on
I thought the class was very informative. Much better than a previous fundamental class I attended elsewhere. I like the one on one setting rather than a classroom full of students - more interactive with the instructor. Will definitely refer to others.
Posted by Rui W. on
This is awesome training. Maz gave me not only some shooting training on the range but detailed theoretical instruction about guns, bullets, and techniques. The most important thing he emphasized was safety. The principals put together is well summarized and easy to remember. I improved so much after 3 hours of training feeling more comfortable and confident.
Posted by Paul J. on
AR-15 class
Great class, very informative, especially for a beginner.
Maz is very pleasant to work with in one-on-one environment.
I did much better on the range than I thought and I attribute that to Maz.
I highly reccomend his classes for rifle or pistol.
Posted by Susan S. on
Very well conducted. Answered all my questions completely, lots of information I had no idea about. Extremely patient with me on the firing range. I am no longer feeling intimidated by firing a gun.
Posted by Matt G. on
Very good introduction into handgun safety/use. Looking forward to more classes with Maz.
Posted by Sue G. on
Excellent!!!! Instructor very knowledgeable & informative - excellent presentation & time for questions. I feel very comfortable and confident in my ability to use a firearm.
Posted by Faye A. on
Maz was organized and well prepared. He was clear and gave plenty of examples and good advice. Will definitely come again. Highly recommended.
Posted by Don A. on
Maz is very knowledgeable with firearms & shotguns. He is very patient & interacts & works well with students. I would recommend others to attend his classes.
Posted by Katherine H. on
I took the Handgun Level I class with Maz and found the information he shared with me to be extremely helpful; Actually every conversation I have had with Maz he is continuously teaching and answering questions. Very professional, skilled communicator and very patient. If you are new to handguns Maz can help you find your comfort level.
Posted by Susana A. on
I really enjoyed my firearm class today. I now feel confident just picking up my handgun. I received very good safety instruction. I would recommend this class to anyone that has a gun.
Posted by Emmett A. on
Instructor was very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Safety is his first objective. I would recommend his class to anyone buying a firearms.
Posted by Art W. on
Maz did an excellent job! Good for beginners and as a refresher course. Many details most people wouldn't think of. Worth ever penny.
Posted by Robert T. on
Very effective one on one + great material presented in good order. I will be back for more courses.
Posted by Cody D. on
Great class, Fun & Educational. I liked the class because it was hands on and not boring.
Posted by Niklei B. on
The class I took was very informative and enjoyable. I feel more comfortable handling my gun and the proper way to use it. Thank you very much for the one on one time with the each of us. I am looking forward to more lessons.
Posted by Robert B. on
The class was very helpful. Mr. Maz was very professional and answered all of the questions I have always wanted the answers to. By the end of his class I could already see an improvement in my skills. I look forward to taking more classes.
Posted by Sam O. on
- Did a good job of walking me through all the basics, making sure I understood everything that was going on.
- Good Pace and very informative, came in not knowing much about rifles and shotguns and came out having an interest in shooting.
- Everyone was very helpful and made us fell welcome, even though we were beginners.
Posted by Rob O. Jr. on
- Very clear and constructive instruction
- Boiling down the important points, emphasized safety, Made me go from not being confident at all around firearms to realizing that I can use them properly.
- Really enjoyed the class, I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to shoot.
- Above all, I really learned things I'm confident I can put into practice later.
Posted by Robert O. Sr. on
I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation to Maz for the high quality of firearm instruction he provided my sons, Rob and Sam.

Maz emphasized safety throughout the introductory rifle and shotgun courses, and provided a conscientious and interesting presentation of all fundamentals.

I recommend Maz highly and when the occasion occurs, I will seek his instruction and services again.
Posted by Brett B. on
My wife and I really enjoyed the Level II course. The Information was well presented and very informative. Maz was patient and ensured we understood all of the fundamentals and safety aspects before performing live-fire exercises. Excellent instruction and I plan to take more progressive courses from Maz in the future.
Posted by Carolina B. on
The Level II handgun course was great! Very informative and hands-on. Instructor was very patient and explained things well.
Posted by Ed R. on
The Level I Handgun Course is a must!! I always considered myself somewhat proficient around guns, but Maz pointed out errors that I didn't even know I was doing. Once corrected I was drilling the target with confidence. I will be back to attend next level of courses. Thank You.
Posted by Cheryl R. on
The course was definitely an eye opener. There is more to gun safety than I thought. Maz teaches all the basic fundamentals for someone who is a first time gun owner/user. Money well spent. In 3 hours I went from feeling nervous and scared of my gun to confident, in control, and comfortable with loading, shooting, and most of all being safe. Thanks Maz!!
Posted by Shanah N. on
Enjoyed the class. Comfortable non-intimidating environment. Focused on safety, basics of handgun education and handling. I now have the knowledge to safely operate and own a handgun. Now to continue growing those skills.
Posted by Kripa S. on
The course instructor was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in answering questions. I recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn the basic fundamentals of pistol shooting which is more involved than one would think. If you are thinking about purchasing a firearm without prior experience, take this course.
Posted by GW on
I have a philosophy that one is either progressing or regressing. With Maz, the progress was far more rapid in a very short period of time. Surprisingly, his pricing was more than competitive truly giving me the greatest value thus far. I strongly recommend Maz and trust him to train my wife and son.
Posted by Brett B. on
The level III course was fast-paced and intensive with both the classroom portion and live fire exercises. Compared to the level II course, the focus shifted more towards speed and accuracy with the timed, live fire exercises. The timed drills were a good reminder about the importance of solid fundamentals and the dry fire exercises that Maz always emphasizes. Also, we ran through a number of new drills and positions that are more applicable to real world scenarios. The course was both mentally and physically taxing but I felt that I made significant progress in only eight hours. Overall, the course was well worth the expense and I plan to be back to take the Level IV course as well.
Posted by Jeff M. on
Well prepared, knowledgeable, presentation of material etc. great
Posted by Emily M. on
Learned a lot, Instructor knew answers to all questions asked, great teacher.
Posted by Nicole M. on
Level I Handgun Class, Informative and empowering. Being comfortable around guns and knowing how to properly use them is important and this class has really helped with that.
Posted by Corey M. on
I found the Level I Class to be incredibly insightful and very eye opening in regards to the bad habits I have picked up through the years.
Posted by Mar'ce B. on
Excellent class! I learned a lot and feel more comfortable shooting my firearm. I will most definitely recommend the class and Maz to family & friends. Can't wait for the level 2 class!
Posted by Sue G. on
This was an excellent course. Very thorough and informative. It should be a requirement for every gun owner. Maz was very concerned with the student's understanding and initiating good firearm skills.
Posted by Gay S. on
Maz was patient and kind to a retired secretary who had never lifted a semi-auto handgun. I still have much to learn and appreciate Maz's desire to help me find the right firearm for my strength and abilities.
Posted by Jim S. on
First handgun class ever, well structured, organized, clear, and to the point. Gave us time and patience. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks Maz.
Posted by Stephanie C. on
1) Extremely helpful.
2) Easy to understand.
3) Provides good info.
4) Very fun.
5) Awesome teacher.
Thank You!
Posted by Amy C. on
Thank you Maz!
It was interesting, informative and just the right pace. Slow enough to understand, quick enough to not get bored, and being able to ask questions as they came up was helpful, especially since we were all beginners, and you didn't make us feel dumb. On the range, you were helpful and patient. I don't have any negative comments, Thanks again!
Posted by Judy S. on
Maz is a wonderful instructor! Very knowledgeable and his experience shows. He has an easy manner that is reassuring, he is in control of the situation, so I could relax and learn.
Posted by Lindsay D. on
Very informative
Relaxed environment
I feel confident to shoot with the information covered in this class.
Will be signing up for part II.
Posted by Andi P. on
Hands on training - classroom & range
Felt comfortable holding a firearm before live shooting took place
Serious topics, but lots of fun
Posted by Dixie B. on
It was very informative
Made me feel comfortable around guns
The instructor was very attentive with any questions, adjustments, etc.
Great Class!
Posted by Gay E. on
Maz is a great teacher. He is very thorough in what he teaches you. He makes sure you understand what he is teaching you.
I will be back for more of his classes.
Thank You.
Posted by Chris Y. on
Level One Handgun Class.
Maz has been the most patient, calm, and overall best firearms instructor I have ever had the opportunity to learn from. I highly recommend this class. Maz is interested in making sure you know all about your firearms, the laws, and safety.
Posted by John F. on
Thoroughly enjoyed the Level I Handgun Class, Learned a lot; excellent instructor.
Posted by Don Benton on
Maz adjusted his schedule to train/certify me with the NRA Range Safety Officer class. He was professional and personable and I found his vast civilian and military knowledge to be outstanding. I highly recommend him!
Posted by Randy King on
I have taken four firearms training classes at Front Sight since 2008. They are very good, and if you get the chance to get to Nevada for a class, I’m sure it’ll be worth your time. Having said that, I learned more about proper elbow locking, trigger control, stance, and sight picture in a single one hour class with Maz than I have at several days training at Front Sight. In just a few minutes of watching me shoot, Maz diagnosed and fixed a trigger control problem I’ve had for years. I’ll need several hours of dry practice to create the muscle memory (he gave those drills too) needed to stay corrected, but I now know exactly what needed correcting. I highly recommend. Thank you, Maz. Excellent instruction!
Posted by Danielle R. on
Handgun Level I Class
Maz, I learned so much in just 3 hours! I feel confident that I will continue to improve in all of the skills I learned today: safety, handling, loading/unloading, control, fundamentals of marksmanship. I can't thank you enough for your knowledge, time, patience, and positive instruction. You are a genius!
Posted by Mark B. on
Responsive Pistol Course
Lots of good real world information. Great instruction on firearm use. My main concern was concealed carry. The information was geared for my purpose. I will be able to put into practice the things I learned to improve my skills in order to carry safely.
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