Shotgun  Level  One


Learn Basic Shotgun Fundamentals

In A Skill Development Class.

A comprehensive 3 hour class designed specifically to teach primary essential procedures to handle and shoot a shotgun. Students will receive good high quality training from a qualified firearm instructor. Practical, simple and sensible lesson plans will safely and properly afford students a level of confidence to operate a shotgun. Class size limited to four students.


Course includes instruction, study guide, range fee, and targets.

- Subjects Covered -

  • Operation, Loading, Unloading, Manipulation, Tactical or Hunting Applications
  • Grip, Stance, Sighting, Trigger Control, Ready Position, Ammunition, Storage
  • Personal Security Concepts, Shotgun Selection, Awareness, Clearing Stoppages


- Lessons Format -

  • Safety :  Unyielding block of instruction dedicated to firearm safety concepts.
  • Mindset :  A study in the attitude-perspective of owning-employing a firearm.
  • Handling :  Lessons in related methods and procedures in operating a shotgun.
  • Marksmanship :  Principles to establish a solid foundation as a skillful shooter.
  • Dry Fire Session :   Application of skills/techniques rehearsed prior to live fire.
  • Live Fire Session :  Practical shooting drills in shotgun target engagement.


- What to Bring -

  • Eyes and Ear Protection
  • Shotgun in good working order
  • 25 rounds of #8 or #7½ bird shot shells per Student