Handgun  Level  Two


 Learn Essential Handgun Procedures,

Institute a Protective Mindset,

& Establish Efficient Shooting

In A Skill Development Class. 

A detailed 8 hour class designed to teach new and seasoned shooters imperative procedures to attain and apply handgun technical and tactical proficiency.  

The Level Two Handgun Class is supplemented with lessons covering related methods with more in-depth instruction to include reloads, immediate action, presentation from a holster, situational awareness, application of skills and shooting drills in precision and critical accuracy. 

Students will receive good high quality training from a certified firearm instructor. Practical, simple and sensible instruction will safely and properly progress students' confidence to efficiently employ a handgun.   

Class size limited to four students and includes study guides, range fee, and targets.

- Subjects Covered -

  • Handgun Safety Protocols
  • Access and Retention
  • 5 Levels of Awareness
  • Situational Awareness
  • Developing a Personal Security Plan
  • Handgun Nomenclature
  • Cycles of Function
  • Ammunition Selection
  • Efficient Handgun Procedures
  • Shooting Platform Fundamentals
  • Precision Shot Cycle
  • Sight Deviation
  • Speed Reload
  • Tactical Reload
  • Malfunctions
  • Indexing
  • Critical Shot Placement
  • Target Identification
  • Flinch Inoculation
  • Stress Drills
  • Multiple Targets
  • Holster Drills
  • Strong/Support Hand Only
  • Gear Selection
  • Proper Cleaning
  • Preventive Maintenance 

- What to Bring -

  • Eyes and Ear Protection
  • Handgun in good working order
  • Handgun and Magazine Holsters
  • 300 rounds of Ammunition per Student