Rifle  Level  One


Learn Basic Rifle Marksmanship 

In A Skill Development Class.


  This class specifically addresses the training needs of individuals that want to learn the basics of rifle shooting.   Lessons involved in this 3 hour session are geared to the beginning shooter and include firearm safety, rifle knowledge, proper handling, aiming, sighting in, zeroing, cleaning, ammunition knowledge, to engaging targets, an ideal class building confidence in fundamental shooting skills.  Class size limited to two students ages 12 and up.

Course includes instruction, study guide, range fee, and targets. 


- Lessons Format -

  • Safety :  An unyielding block of instruction dedicated to firearm safety concepts.
  • Minset :  Brief study in the attitude-perspective of owning-employing a firearm.
  • Handling :  Lessons in related methods and procedures in operating your rifle.
  • Marksmanship :  Principles to establish a solid foundation as a skillful shooter.
  • Dry Fire Session :   Application of skills and techniques rehearsed prior to live fire.
  • Live Fire Session :  Practical exercise in precision rifle shooting and target engangment.



- What to Bring -

  • Eyes and Ear Protection
  • 50 rounds of Ammunitionper Student 
  • Rifle in good working order with Iron Sights or Mounted Scope