Pre  LTC  Class


Properly Prepare For the Texas State LTC Class


A unique 1 hour block of instruction designed specifically to prepare students for the Texas State LTC Class.  Students will receive good high quality training from a qualified firearm instructor.  Practical, simple and sensible one-on-one training will safely and properly afford students a level of confidence to help pass the course of fire required by the State of Texas. 

Course includes instruction, range fee, and targets.


- Subjects Covered -

  • Firearm Safety Rules, Handgun Operation, Handgun Handling
  • Handgun Manipulation, Handgun Loading, Handgun Unloading
  • Shooting Platform, Ready Position, Practical Shooting Drill
  • Shoot the Texas State LTC qualification Course of Fire


- What to Bring -

  • Eyes and Ear Protection
  • Handgun in good working order
  • 100 rounds of Ammunition