Responsive Pistol Class


Enhance Handgun Deployment & Combative Shooting

In A Skill Development Class. 

A 2 day (16 hour) course designed to elevate individual reactive shooting abilities of the Conceal Carry Citizen, Law Enforcement Officer, and/or Military Personnel.  Students will learn an efficient shooting system that will work with patrol, or conceal carry gear using simple, effective tactics and techniques that will merit your capability in a critical encounter.   Class size limited to four students and includes study guides, range fees, and targets.

Note: Due to the sensitivity of subjects covered in this course

Only U.S. Citizens with a current Concealed Handgun License, Active Law Enforcement Officer and Military Personnel may attend this course.  

- Subjects Covered -

  • Fire Sequence
  • Individual Shooting Plan
  • Ammunition Analysis
  • OODA Loop Dominance
  • Tactical and Technical Proficiency
  • Maintaining a Shooting Work-out Program
  • Enfilade Shots
  • Shooting Rhythm
  • Multiple Targets
  • Active Reloads
  • Immediate Action
  • Transitions
  • Use of Barricades
  • Cover & Concealment
  • Surgical Shots Placement/Movement
  • Stress Inoculation
  • Distant Shooting
  • Low Light, Night Sights, Flashlights
  • Target Discrimination
  • Personal Video Assessment of Student During Target Engagement Drills
  • Fire Shooting Standards to Complete Course in Achieving Aptitude 


- What to Bring -

  • Prof of CHL/LEO/MIL
  • Eyes and Ear Protection 
  • Conceal Carry Garment, Tactical Gear, or Duty Rig 
  • Semi-Automatic Handgun in good working order with Holster
  • 3 Magazines with Holsters and 800 rounds of Ammunition per Student